From BBQ Chicken Breads to Poultry-Stuffed Lollies

 - May 26, 2014
This list of chicken treats is a prime example of companies opting to appeal to eccentric foodies. More and more at-home chefs, fast-food companies, and restaurants are taking unlikely food pairings and creating hybrid meals. A commonality among their creations is the mixing of desserts with popular dinner choices.

The standard dinner usually involves chicken -- it is undoubtedly the most popular meat preference among most households. Thus, if it is a universally loved taste, why not infuse it into other food markets, like junk-foods and desserts? It may sound bizarre, but try one of these delectable chicken treats before you make any definite presumptions.

You can opt for a Chicken Pot Pie Cupcake to snack more sensibly, or you can even stuff your normal monkey bread with buffalo chicken to gift your taste-buds with a sweet and spicy explosion of flavor.