Graham Roebeck's Beehive Chair is Inspired by a Guitar Pick

The Beehive Chair sports a contemporary spiralling pattern that is simple and clean, but impressively impactful as well. Since it was winner of the inaugural 2011 Formica Formations competition, it had to have been in order to make such a great impression on the judges.

Created by New Zealand-based architectural designer Graham Roebeck, the Beehive Chair explores the theme of today’s highly portable art and media. Although dubbed the Beehive Chair, it was actually inspired by the guitar pick. It was fashioned out of Lakepine Zero low emitting MDF. The Beehive Chair was so named because it boasts beeswax polish on its edges. It also uses Warm White Formica high pressure laminate to the vertical faces. Overall, this piece of furniture is a stunner.