Jani Sanitary Pads Solve Many of Nature's Nuisances

 - Mar 8, 2011
References: janipad & bit.ly
Despite the introduction of reusable products like the DivaCup, women often turn to disposable hygiene alternatives, and Jani Sanitary Pads make this choice equally sustainable.

Made from an invasive population of water hyacinths in Lake Victoria in Kenya, these sanitary napkins clear up fishermen's access to their prey by using the plants to produce useful feminine commodities. The leaves can be woven into paper that has a great capacity for absorbency, and with four layers in total, JaniPads exploit the resource with the greatest effectiveness.

Each layer is given a different texture that allows for flexibility and permeability through perferation. Beeswax is used in conjunction, making these period products entirely organic and gentle on the skin. The best part about Jani Sanitary Pads is that they will soon be packaged and sold at an affordable price, to give underprivileged African girls the protection they need to ensure that menstruation does not mean missing days at school each month.