Robert Spence TEDxTO Speaker Presents His Bionic Implants View

 - Sep 25, 2011
The Robert Spence TEDxTo session showed how the Canadian filmmaker immerses himself into the world of cyborg prosthetic innovations to learn more about the astonishing advances on the subject and to suggest that in the year 2027 people will consider chopping off a limb to have a more powerful one implanted.  

Spence is an avid director whose work has been presented on networks such as CBC, Discovery, Space, Sky and Vision. He lost his right eye in an accident about six years ago, which led him to create one of the 50 best inventions of the year according to Time Magazine: a wireless video camera prosthetic eye. Sounds like a true science-fiction movie. Inspired by a futuristic cyborg character from the video game Deus Ex, Spence decided to travel around the globe to find how far off we are in cyborg prosthetics and biomechanical technology.
Would you chop off your arm to have a more powerful one implanted? This gallery presents some of the most technological advances on the subject. Although Spence believes this is only the beginning, it’s definitely worth checking out where we stand at present.