The DON-8r Fundraising Robot is the New Sidewalk Canvasser

 - Apr 29, 2011
References: timpryde & walyou
You'd assume that people would be more comfortable contributing money to charity through another human, but it seems as though a cyborg like the DON-8r Fundraising Robot might be the answer to eliminating altruistic awkwardness.

No matter their cause, the canvassers who collect cash from passersby can make many feel uncomfortable, annoyed and even judged, but this adorable android is free of all social astuteness. It's been designed to patrol plazas, paths and courtyards with a little flag indicating the organization. A small coin slot in its back essentially defines the DON-8r Fundraising Robot as a mechanical mobile piggy bank. Designer Tim Pryde is making some changes to make the automaton more noticeable in a crowd. The volume of his "hello" and "thank you" will be increased, along with the intensity of its illuminating head.