The Eyeborg Project Plunks Lights Over Top of Your Peepers

 - May 11, 2009
References: eyeborgproject
An incredibly interesting innovation is when people with what could be described as disabilities say,
"Sod to the world," and do something amazing that challenges stereotypes. The Eyeborg Project is such an example, a project that attempts to create the world’s first camera eye which involves shed loads of technology that fit inside a prosthetic eye.

Rob Spence is the man behind the Eyeborg Project. He works as a filmmaker, and his eye was left severely damaged in a shooting accident when he was a child. After years of pain and discomfort (he used to have to have needles stuck into his eye) he decided to have it removed.

Once this was done, the ‘fun’ started. Currently, Spence ‘just’ has an eye which is very Robocop. It glows red, and needless to say, I hope to see the Eyeborg Project complete very soon.