From Sci-Fi Silhouettes to Robot Couture, These Fashions are Futuristic

 - Feb 12, 2013
Embracing science fiction imagery, these cyborg inspired styles look to the future of fashion. Whether showcased in collection lookbooks, in fashion's top publications or on the international runway stage, these forward thinking fashions endorse modern minimalism.

These pieces often redefine retro futuristic visions or reinterpret costume design seen in the popular Sci-fi film genre. Paying homage to film classics and popular written fiction, designers are looking to the subculture and are creating cyborg-inspired garments for a daring and edgy consumer base. Whether experimenting with exaggerated silhouettes or exploring unconventional materials, these futuristic fashions go against the grain and defy tradition.

Cyborg inspired styles are taking the fashion world by storm and are proving that sleek and streamlined design details never lose their sense of sophistication and edge.