‘Op.9 n.2′ by Lorenzo Busato is Influenced by Music

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: flickr & thephotographylink
The masked model from Lorenzo Busato's ‘OP.9 N.2′ may seem like a haunting image from a bad dream, but the artist's ideas behind the disguise is quite interesting. Busato wanted to create a series of photos that reflected what the photographer feels when he listens to music. He named the title of this collection after Chopin's Nocture Op. 9 number 2, which was the song he listened to while designing the womenswear.

This shoot takes place in a chaotic train station full of people hurrying different directions. It is a place where people commonly detach themselves from reality, and the model is captured in one place with her hands by her sides. The symmetrical lines on the model's garments represent the flowing noises, and her head is covered in the vibes from the music. The model resembles a cyborg with her mechanical fabrics that resemble the sounds and rhythms the artsit hears as she listens to music.