Walk and Talk Anywhere Using the Hands-Free Videophone Lenses

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: youtube
Japanese mobile operating company DoCoMo recently showcased a prototype device for a handsfree videophone. These glasses resemble the Google glasses that were spotted earlier this year, but less compact. The futuristic device allow for mobile handsfree videophone conversations.

Each set of lenses is equipped with three cameras to capture the user's face. Their live image is mixed with a "pre-rendered 3D model of the user's face," generating a cartoon-like image of the speaker. So far, the most realistic features produced by these glasses are the user's eyes, which DoCoMo has gone to great lengths to ensure are accurate in order to compensate for the distortion caused by the close proximity of the glasses to eyes. Cameras are also attached to the back of the device to capture the background images so that the receiver can see both speaker and scenery combined, providing a more realistic conversation for the receiving end.