The Puma 'Speed Kitty' Heels Concept Brings Electric Color to Sport Heels

Time for a concept platform shoe from our favorite feline footwear manufacturer, the Puma 'Speed Kitty' heels are matte-looking closed toe pairs that will go well with any sci-fi futuristic outfit.

If androids and robots were to get into high-flying fashion the female robots would be after these shoes in a second. These platforms deviate away from usual design and are presenting with a strap. They begin to look more like boots than regular platforms and are intended to savor the feel of a Puma racing shoe. They would be perfect to wear to street races that include heavily-suped cars. Movies such as Tron or Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift would definitely want these shoes on set and the women wearing them would undoubtedly catch an array of attention.