Is The EyeCamera 4.1 With Wink and Shoot A Hoax?

 - Apr 2, 2009   Updated: May 13 2011
References: homepage.1000words.kodak
The Kodak eyeCamera 4.1 launches today, April 1 (careful). It has an SLR type viewfinder, facial recall software that hooks up to your Facebook page (oh really?), an image stabilizer, wink and shoot (oh this is B.S.) functionality and panoramic features.

Not bad marketing attempt, but I'm very hesitant to believe the Kodak blogger who wrote up this cyborg camera piece.

Implications - Cameras have changed a lot throughout the years in order to suit the needs of different types of individuals. The rise of SLRs and portable cameras have inspired the average consumers to become photographers in their own right. Since professional equipment isn't affordable to all, companies should attempt to provide quality products that have high capability that's also cost-efficient.