From Illustrations to Photo Shoots, Kanye's Pop Presence Inspires

 - Aug 1, 2011
Kanye West has always drawn heavily from the art community, from his avante garde music videos to his eclectic style sensibilities, so it comes as no surprise that he has inspired the art world in return to produce some of these highly inventive Kanye West depictions. From vectorized album cover mash-ups to rotoscoped music videos, if you have a particular style of art you appreciate, chances are Kanye West has already been re-imagined in that style.

A few standout Kanye West depictions include Craig and Karl's polka dot-patterned illustration of Mr. West's face, anonymous Internet zombifications of the Gold Digger hitmaker, as well as Tiret Watches' Kanye West Gold Watch, which features the rapper's visage on the face of the watch made from yellow, brown, black and white diamonds.

Implications - Consumers are intrigued by celebrities because they serve as benchmarks of societal success. The fame and fortune that celebrities have amassed are things consumers aspire to attain. As such, corporations may consider offering consumers the ability to live out their fantasy of celebrity life through products and services.