Samsung's Sentry Robot Kicks Ass

 - Feb 8, 2007
References: gearpilot
Imagine, you're a burglar or an employee and you want to gain access to your companies building. What would you do if this building is guarded by an electric robot? Run like hell! The South Korean company Samsung has developed a new, autonomous robot who can guard a certain territory. It can even decide whether to shoot at the person or to 'call' security. This new piece of technology is called 'Wintech SGR-A1'.

According to Samsung, one of the big advantages is that the robot isn't sleepy after a couple of hours, does not need a break and cannot be bribed. State of the art image recognition can spot an 'enemy' at a distance of four kilometers. When something is wrong, several actions can be taken like shooting (rubber) bullets or sounding an alarm.

Well, this reminds me to the movie 'Robocop', where a cyborg is joining the police squad to fight against crime. Remember the ED-209? This robot shot down everything that moved. Let's hope the programmers at Samsung did a better job.

The video of these machines is quite impressive.