RoboDynamics Luna Robot Has Been Engineered to Serve the Masses

 - May 14, 2011
References: schultzeworks & likecool
According to the predictions of The Jetsons producers, we'd all have personal cyborgs by now, but if the ambition behind the RoboDynamics Luna Robot has anything to do with it, there will be a droid "in every home by 2021."

The maker of the automaton is Schultze Works, collaborating very closely with RoboDynamics. Pre-ordering for the product has opened in anticipation of the limited edition release come the 4th quarter of 2011. As far as the finished prototype is concerned, the pear-shaped machine seems to be efficient at maneuvering in any direction, moving its arms up and down, and conveying various facial expressions. The intelligence currently being instilled in the RoboDynamics Luna Robot may allow the invention to serve drinks, walk the dog, and come equipped with all of the standard hardware features that allow wi-fi and bluetooth to function, with added inclusions such as cameras, speakers, microphones and even apps.