From Swine-Shaped Planters to Taxidermic Treasures

 - Aug 31, 2012
These piggy bank innovations make it easy to save in style. Though these money-savers are often associated with children, many designers have given these vessels an adult, modern and chic overhaul.

Because everyone could do with a little bit of saving, the price of these traditionally porcelain beauties ranges quite a bit. Some don't even feature any pig-like features at all, while others are quite literally made of swine. One of the most touching updates to the piggy bank has been keepers that don't keep money at all. A piece intended to save notes exclusively recently premiered on the market, and was a sentimental update to the old-school cash holder.

Whether you're adamant about penny pinching or not, few people can deny the adorable charm of a well-designed piggy bank.