The Maraca Money Bank Lets You Save the Music and Your Money

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: & industrialdesignserved
Designer João Gonçalves may be onto something with his deceptively simple Maraca Money Bank. The Maraca Money Bank is a musical piggy bank that lets you make music when you save.

The Maraca Money Bank is designed to hold Euros and can fit up to 250 one Euro coins at once. Obviously you won't be able to make much music with the bank once it is filled up, but it does give you an incentive to stock up on your loose change.

I really like this idea and would like to see it expanded upon. Imagine a whole line of musical instruments that also doubled as piggy banks that encourages kids to save a certain amount in order to play their instruments. The Maraca Money Bank just might be able to save the music.