The Svintus Power Strip is a Piggy Bank of Electrical Plugs

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: artlebedev & yankodesign
When you were a child, perhaps you likened the look of electrical sockets to the snouts of swine. The creatives from Art Lebedev Studios designed the Svintus Power Strip with this imaginative idea in mind, producing a whimsical apparatus that provides more plugs that most people would need.

What's particularly endearing about this concept is that it's round and pale pink, enhanced by the addition of four stubby legs and reminiscent of the cartoony form of a piglet. The curly tail is applied in the form of a coiled electrical cord and a perforated nose is found at the opposite end. But one nose was not quite enough, for the Svintus Power Strip has ben covered with over a dozen others, supplying sockets for the connection of several appliances.