The Coinosauraus Piggy Bank That Time Remembered

 - Jan 8, 2009
References: shareasale
"Get in my Belly!" cried the dinosaur to the quarter. Well, not really, but you can pretend with the Big Belly Dinosaur Bank. The Coinosauraus (as it’s known around the dinosaur techno dance circuit) can eat quarters, nickels,d imes, and yes, even pennies (although I’d rather let it devour something worth more than a penny.)

You can watch as the money zigzags it’s way into the dinosaur’s belly. But if you think you just lost your hard earned money, fear not! Simply unscrew the center bolt, and you can be singing "We’re in the Money" in no time. The bank stands 20 inches tall, and can hold up to 970 quarters (you could wash 194 loads of clothes with that kind of money.)

The dinosaur is made of well crafted painted wood, and weighs around 4 lbs empty, but I’m sure that this dinosaur will gain weight quickly as people will want to feed it their spare pocket change just to see the money zig-zag its way into the dinosaur’s belly.