From Blackboard Herb Gardens to Consumer Chalkboard Furniture

 - Mar 2, 2013
When we hear the word chalkboard, we often associate it with being in the classroom during school, but these innovative chalkboard designs are bringing this traditional product into the 21st Century in new and exciting ways.

There's something about writing on chalkboard that makes it fun and enjoyable, from being able to draw anything you like to being able to use different colors, chalkboards are a fantastic outlet to let your imagination run wild. Modern day products and furniture designs are beginning to incorporate chalkboard features to appeal to people's sense of imagination, allowing them to engage and interact with the product.

From dinning room tables that have chalkboard surfaces to cafe walls that you can write on, these innovative and playful designs will certainly appeal to individuals who are looking for a way to add some personal touches to their everyday items.