The Rasselfisch 'i-Wood' is Chalkboard Child's Play

 - Sep 29, 2011
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The innovative inventors over at Apple have yet to corner the market of laptops for little tykes, so the Rasselfisch 'i-Wood' has taken liberty to do so.

The 'i-Wood' is a mini Mac-esque design that, when closed, appears to be a sleek wooden working machine but your first clue that it's not a common computer is the emblazoned logo of a horse instead of the classic half-bitten apple.

Upon opening the kid-approved toy the screen is instead a square of black chalkboard, as is the slot where the keypad would usually appear. The cutest addition has to be the missing trackpad that has been replaced by an empty slot to conveniently hold pieces of chalk.

This toddler tech creation is definitely something to pick up in order to start your child off in this computer-controlled world.