From Money-Clipping Phone Cases to Multi-Functional Money Clips

 - Aug 28, 2013
Carrying a bulky wallet around can be annoying and a burden for your bag, which is why these convenient money clips are here to provide a simple and minimalist way to carry your cash around.

While money clips are ordinarily the types of cash-carrying devices that men seem to like, especially because of their compact shape, there's no denying that these simple paperclip-like items can easily hold your cash and credit cards without taking up too much room in your purse or back pocket. From money holders that humorously pays tribute to superheroes to those made from upcycled computer parts, these convenient money clips will definitely make the process of carrying cash much lighter.

Perfect for those who can't stand having to lug around a large wallet or purse, these simple money clips will allow you to gather your cash in just one simple step.