The Metro Flash Drive Offers a Fashionable Way to Carry Data

 - Dec 5, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Digital documents are the stationery of the 21st century, allowing gadgets like the Metro Flash Drive to make information more mobile. But designer Rene Lee was not satisfied to simply stick his sleek computer accessory into a standard keychain, for he wished to make it as fashionable as an elegant old fountain pen. The sharp geometric design offers a more modern spin on formal sophistication but the smooth and shiny metal shell maintains a polished aesthetic quality.

The Metro Flash Drive has comprises an engraved burnished sheath from which the actual USB plug can be slid out and retracted. A pen clip has been added to the front of the "wearable memory" device, allowing it to be worn in a dress shirt pocket, on a necktie or used as a money clip.