The iLID MK-1 iPhone Wallet Declutters Your Pants Pockets

 - Jan 8, 2012
References: kickstarter & designspotter
When venturing down to the food court in the basement of your office building, you may find it a nuisance to tote your purse or a pocket full of jingling possessions. The iLID MK-1 iPhone Wallet strives to lighten your load -- especially now that smartphones have become necessary to carry wherever you go.

Inspired by Darren Inglis and Simon Dunn-Vaughan, the iLID iPhone Case incorporates the convenience of a billfold and a mobile phone protector in one compact object. A sleek design solution by Lee Baker of the Bayly Group has enabled this loaded object to remain just 1.7 centimeters thick. All the same, two compartments can be found in the back of the iLID MK-1 iPhone Wallet which can accommodate the storage of three ID or credit cards, cash in a money clip and a house key.

Photo Credits: Facebook