Credit Card Pig Bank

 - Feb 29, 2008
The Credit Card Pig Bank concept is a logical evolution of the ole' saving piggy bank or donation box. It allows you to swipe your credit card into the adorable pig and voilà, a pre-determined amount of money is transfered from your bank account into the saving/ donation account.

Every time you slide the credit card through the card reader, the software automatically connects to your private bank account and some amount of money will be transfered. The amount could be set by a software installed on the computer to which the pig will connect automatically via bluetooth.

Aside from personal savings use for yourself or your kids, the Pig Bank is actually a great idea for public donations. When used in public places for collecting donations, you could set up as many pigs as you like in one network; they will all connect over bluetooth to the server that will make the connection to the bank account and deposit the money from any pig in the system. You can have them spread over the offices of the organization, mall or event: at the reception, bathroom, gift-shop, etc... The name of the charity or even a sponsor logo can be painted on the ceramic pig as well.

I think this is a great concept. These days people carry less paper money or coins. Instead of using your credit card for a rash vanity purchase, you would be saving money or donating for a good cause.