The 'Barbie Strogg' Insectoid Centaur-Fighting Robot Fends off Evil Brothers

 - Jul 21, 2009   Updated: Mar 25 2011
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"Barbie Strogg" is an unexpected but fabulous surprise.

For generations, boys have been pulling off Barbie's head. I'm sure they'll think twice before messing with this killer version, Barbie Strogg.

I like how the Barbie Strogg comes with blood smeared around her mouth, and machine gun arms. She looks dangerous!

Barbie Strogg comes courtesy of robot maker Mario Caicedo Langer's.

Implications - As pop culture increasingly develops in every direction, the scope and breadth of parody has been keeping pace. This has seen a commensurate increase in products and designs which take familiar icons and reinvent them in new and unexpected ways and the result is a product that has an entirely new appeal. Business leaders can make the most of this trend by looking for inspiration even in previously explored territory and markets.