From Pop Star-Inspired Barbies to Wonder Bread Barbies

 - Nov 25, 2013
The traditional Barbie dolls have definitely come a very long way since I was a little girl. Back then you had a choice of either Barbie or one of her friends in predominantly the same styled fashion just different skin and hair. Today, Barbie dolls have a wide range of choice toys I would have never imagined as a child.

Mattel has taken the timeless Barbie collection and has made it so very broad over the years. In addition to her breaking free from her beloved Ken doll, it isn’t shocking to see or hear about the traditional Barbie dolls marquee releasing a doll that mimics an up and coming popular movie or favored book character. The notorious doll has even been spotted in designer names as big as Christian Louboutin -- just when you thought the girl already had everything.

Barbie has shown to be more than just an astronaut, veterinarian, mother, sister, fashion designer and/or all the other glamorous components of her long life. Barbie dolls are bigger than ever and continue to grow far from the traditional aspects the doll was built upon.