The Hexbug Nano V2 Can Move Around Horizontally and Vertically

 - Feb 11, 2013
References: nanov2 & technabob
After the much sought-after HexBug and the later HexBud Nano, creators have come up with the latest version of the robotic insect and named it HexBud Nano V2.

The enhanced aspect of this robot insect is the fact that it can move around both horizontally and climb onto vertical surfaces. To optimize this quality, the creators have assembled a fun-looking maze for these little bugs to frolic around.

The new version of HexBug Nano hasn't yet been released, but it surely has a fanatic niche of followers counting the days on the launch of it. Perfect for scaring parents, aggravating unfavorable roommates and simply owning inanimate pets that are close to no-maintenance, these enhanced HexBug Nanos are soon to crawl up in many households.