The World's Smallest Flying Robot is Made by Harvard Scientists

 - May 7, 2013
Robot technology is one step closer to limitless, as Harvard scientists unveil the World's tiniest flying robotic insect. The insect-inspired robot sits on your fingertip at half the size of a paper clip, weighing less than a toothpick.

The robot flaps clear, wafer-thin wings at 120 times per second. It buzzes like an insect, which was the inspiration behind the creation of the robot. The robotic insect is so micro that it is almost non-existent; it is no surprise that the intricate design and engineering took more than a decade of work by Harvard's researchers.

This type of innovation is a breakthrough in nano technology. A member of the robot project described it on the site as "pushing the limits of what we think we can do, the limits of human ingenuity."