The Next Generation of Bots

 - Feb 15, 2007
When we talk about robots suddenly we connect to human looking machines, but it seems future will bring us something different. And it makes a lot of sense, if insects are everywhere and reach every place... "why not making robots based on insects?" This is an example, a small dragonfly (only 6cm long, about 2,5 inches) created by the French company SilMax, and thought to fly and explore areas that are difficult to reach or maybe too dangerous. A little spy in few words.

This little thing is a product of high nano-technology, with 180000 nano-muscles, has 2 small mini-engines and all in just 20mg. It has a brain and can collect and send information, that's the reason for the interest of the French Deffense Ministry. This is the trend, and looks fascinating. Small and fast machines able to move and explore, it's difficult not to think in the hundreds of uses it may be apropriate for. Let's hope this and other similar ones in development are used for real useful things and not just military actions.

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