Phasma is the Six-Legged Machine of Your Dreams and Nightmares

 - Aug 23, 2010
References: takram & engadget
Phasma might be the only robot to date that can elicit both "Awwws" and "AHHHHs" from observers. The hexapedal robot is deigned to do two things: look extremely metallic and robotic, and move like an insect in a creepily realistic way. Phasma excels at both tasks, and is difficult to stop looking at.

While the lifelike movements of Phasma may cause goosebumps to form, robotics engineers get goosebumps for other reasons while watching Phasma in motion. A robot like Phasma has never been designed to move so eagerly and energetically before. I just get weirded out by a metal bug, personally.