The Sony Project Morpheus Brings a New Medium to Console Gaming

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: polygon & gizmodo
A new competitor has stepped into the virtual reality in the form of the 'Sony Project Morpheus' virtual reality headset. 'Project Morpheus' will bring a new level to your gaming experience by placing you directly into the game.

With the 'Occulus Rift' virtual helmet gathering a lot of attention, it was bound to grab the attention of the major gaming companies. Sony is the first to announce a virtual reality headset for the Playstation 4 as a new gaming medium and not just a regular gaming accessory. Having 'Project Morpheus' as a new medium hints at future games being designed specifically to played in virtual reality.

The design of the 'Project Morpheus' virtual reality headset looks similar to the helmets that Daft Punk might wear. The biggest difference is that instead of just being a different way of seeing, 'Project Morpheus' will put you directly into the latest and greatest video games.