'Skylens' Gives Arline Pilots a High-Definition Heads-Up Display

 - May 13, 2014
References: elbitsystems & gizmag
Skylens is a wearable heads-up display designed to give commercial airplane pilots improved vision in the event of poor weather conditions. This easy-to-install system gives pilots augmented vision capabilities that allow them to navigate through fog and darkness without having to depend on airport instrumentation.

The lightweight wearable device is fitted with a large vision that displays high-resolution data, symbols and video. The device can be retrofitted to existing airplane and helicopter systems to offer augmented views of the outside world as well as additional data.

Skylens can be used during both daytime and night-time flights and all weather conditions, and is designed bearing in mind the specific needs and challenges of the commercial aviation market. It is currently undergoing testing and evaluation, and is expected to be made available in 2016.