From Virtual Dementia Simulators to Virtual Reality Hospitals

 - Oct 22, 2015
VR training programs offer employers to provide trainees with precise, realistic simulations of what they may experience in the field. Particularly helpful for high adrenaline careers, virtual reality training programs have been observed in industries that include professional sports, medicine, mining, construction and the military.

An intriguing recent VR training application comes from the healthcare realm in Australia as a student-designed reality provides dementia caregivers with a firsthand experience of what those with the condition face on a daily basis.

Virtual reality has also been incorporated into the training program of North Amerian mining organization, who now use the technology to adequately prepare heavy equipment operators for the roles and responsibilities they will be tasked with underground.

In industries that are particularly physical and pose dangers to an employee's well-being by nature of industry, VR training is a fantastic lifelike way for trainees to emotionally prepare for a new role.