The UV Verre Premium Cool on Blocks UV and IR Rays

 - Dec 24, 2012
References: agc-automotive & gizmag
The Japanese-based Asahi Glass Co. (AGC) is aiming to make cars safer and more fuel-efficient with its new UV Verre Premium Cool on. The new windshield is designed to block 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation (UV) and infrared rays (IR). The new glass is an improvement on the company's UV Verre Premium glass, which blocked the same amount of UV rays as its new glass but couldn't block IR rays.

In addition to keep skin safe, the UV Verre Premium Cool on helps cars conserve gas. The hotter you are, the more you want to run the air conditioning. However, if you feel less warm, then you're logically going to adjust your AC use. AGC's new glass is already in use on the F Ciel an F Smart Stop Toyota Vitz models.