This Denim is Made from Silver Fabric So It Never Has to Be Washed

These odorless jeans are made from a silver fabric that never has to be washed -- ever.

The denim material in the jeans is actually laced with silver filaments, which absorb odor so that the jeans never have to be put in the washing machine. The silver fabric also has a stain shield: a "nanosphere" coating which prevents it from absorbing any kind of liquid that might land on the jeans.

Creator Mannan Malik came up with the idea for the silver fabric denim so that he would be able to wear his jeans until they had a nice, worn-in look. But the actual impact of no-wash fabric may be on ecology rather than fashion. A study by Levi Strauss & Co. found that the average pair of jeans uses 3,800 liters of washing water throughout its lifetime. In other words, odorless jeans might actually make a huge difference in water conservation.