This Antibacterial Fabric Could Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections

 - Aug 15, 2015
References: onlinelibrary.wiley & gizmag
Researchers at Australia's RMIT University developed an antibacterial fabric that can help to fend off harmful germs. Antimicrobial materials have already been used for a number of different products, including water filtration systems, keyboards and washing machines. However, now the bacteria-fighting fabrics are being used to make clothing that can help keep us healthy.

The researchers developed the antibacterial fabric by infusing cotton with a set of nanowires loaded with silver-TCNQ. The silver solution helps to kill of bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with the fabric. In fact, the revolutionary textile is able to kill E. coli and other infectious bacteria within minutes of contact.

This revolutionary fabric could be used in hospitals for items such as surgical aprons or bed linens to help curtail the spread of hospital-acquired infections. The fabric could also be used to produce antibacterial dressings and plasters that would help wounds heal faster.