These Stylish Jeans are Less Harmful to the Environment

 - Sep 11, 2015
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'Freitag' is creating compostable denim out of earth-friendly materials. While many companies have experimented with recycled textiles and eco-friendly designs, none have succeeded in making jeans that will decompose after they are thrown away.

Upon first glance, 'F-ABRIC Denim' looks extremely similar to mass-produced denim. The jeans boast a rich blue color with a sturdy texture. However, F-ABRIC Denim is anything by ordinary. The compostable jeans are made from a combination of eco-friendly materials that include hemp, linen and modal. The lack of cotton makes the jeans a more sustainable alternative to mass-produced denim. Aside from being a more eco-friendly textile choice, the denim is also 100 percent biodegradable.

F-ABRIC Denim demonstrates that eco-friendly fashion goes beyond simply recycling old materials and cutting back on carbon emissions.