'Dropel Fabrics' is Now Using Its Stain-Resistant Fabric for Womenswear

 - Jun 16, 2015
References: time & bustle
Speaking at New York's annual Fashion Tech Lab Demo Day, Dropel Fabrics announced that they are working on a new clothing line made from revolutionary stain-resistant fabric. The company already partners with a number of high-profile retailers such as the menswear line Kelby & Co. and other home furnishing companies. However, Dropel Fabrics is now marketing its hydrophobic textiles towards companies specializing in womenswear and children's apparel as well.

The stain-repelling nanotechnology of the futuristic fabric is achieved during the production process by adding a single ingredient to traditional cotton fabric. The result is a durable textile that causes stains and liquids to roll right off of the fabric. While the fabric is currently being used for several menswear lines, the company is now looking to take the fabric to other popular retailers.

With so many consumers battling stains on a daily basis, this stain-resistant fabric is the perfect choice for men and women alike.