Athos is a Line that Senses the Activity Inside of Muscle Fibers

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: liveathos & theverge
There are tons of devices that are geared towards motivating and maintaining fitness goals, yet Athos is a line of hi-tech workout gear that takes such tools to the next level. With embedded sensors throughout the Under Armor-like gym clothes, people are able to truly track how hard their bodies are working and, by extension, their progress.

Developed by Dhananja Jayalath and Christopher Wiebe, who were both students and gym rats at the University of Waterloo, the hi-tech workout gear uses a technology called electromyography (EMG), which is commonly used by doctors. Jayalath says, "Exercising can be a very frustrating thing.[...] The next day you'll be sore. Maybe too sore if you worked out more than you needed, maybe not sore enough, if you didn't hit your full potential." This helps find a perfect medium.