This Top is About Detecting Epileptic Seizures and Collecting Data

 - Aug 8, 2014
References: bioserenity & springwise
While many wearables are focused on tracking fitness levels, this sensor-laden shirt is about detecting epileptic seizures. Based in France, Bioserenity developed WEMU to not only monitor the physiological symptoms of epilepsy sufferers, but also to immediately alert a doctor when a seizure takes place.

Biometric sensors in the lightweight garment are used to measure the wearer's heart rate and muscle contractions for detecting epileptic seizures. The top also comes with a hat that can be worn at home or while sleeping to track brain activity. The data gathered is sent to the user's smartphone via bluetooth and uploaded to the Cloud so health care professionals can also access the information.

The WEMU app allows the user and doctor to see vitals and when a seizure happens. Doctors can either call emergency services or get in touch with friends or family of the patient. The app also helps them manage their epilepsy with pill reminders and other features.