- Aug 29, 2015
These emergency medical devices could mean the difference between life and death. When someone experiences a medical emergency, there is only so much time to get them the help that they need. These revolutionary devices are designed to provide emergency assistance in a variety of different ways.

One of the most important things to do in the event of an emergency is signal for help. Unfortunately, many people are unable to call for assistance when they are experiencing a medical emergency. There are a number of different devices designed to ensure that patients get the help they need in as little time as possible. These emergency alert systems include senior-tracking smartbands, baby heatstroke-alerting sensors and community medical alerts.

In the event that medical professionals are unable to reach the scene in time, there are a number of devices designed to provide medical care. For example, there are unmanned medic drones that can deliver critical medical supplies to the person in need. There are also heart-starting devices that can be used to guide bystanders through the process of saving a life.

From Epilepsy-Tracking Shirts to Help-Providing Pendants: