The Zephyr Rescue Scooter Can Access Dense Communities Quickly

 - Dec 14, 2013
References: hayterdesign
When I was bicycling through Chinatown in Bangkok this year, I noticed an old man being returned to his home by a small team of medical personnel and family on a collapsible hospital bed. Something like the Zephyr Rescue Scooter would have been so useful for them in that scenario.

Gregory Hayter came up with this concept as an alternative ambulance solution for slums and densely packed neighborhoods in developing countries. The vespa-style conveyance would be invaluable in residential areas that are fed by narrow alleys. The electric two-wheeler is nimble and quick enough to dodge pedestrian and automotive traffic on the major streets and capable of pulling a stretcher with a ball hitch. A fleet of Zephyr Rescue Scooters would be relatively affordable and accessible for emergency situations.