EMERTEST is an Efficient and Single-Use Blood Test for Triage Scenarios

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: mehrafzamirzazad & yankodesign
For something as relatively simple as taking blood from a patient, the process is quite complex. The EMERTEST has been invented as a way to cut down on valuable resources and time so that injured people can be treated faster in situations of mass trauma.

In the event of a major accident, these test papers can be carried with emergency response doctors and paramedics in great numbers. They house a tiny needle that retracts again following its use. The medical practitioner should sterilize the skin, but then only the EMERTEST is required to carry out the rest of the procedure. It pulls plasma into a little bulb and immediately analyzes it for blood type.

This is the clever work of Mehrafza Mirzazad Barijugh, Efe Erinç Erdoğdu and Rasim Ispirgil.