Big Data for Health Creates Deeper Insights for Care

 - Mar 12, 2015
While big data and business go hand in hand, the applications of big data for health are also proving to be incredibly valuable. With the rise of wearable technology and activity trackers, there's a huge opportunity to put all of the collected biometric data to good use. The launch of Apple's ResearchKit is a prime example of how diagnostics for medical research studies can be gathered on a large scale from anyone with an iPhone. Similarly, phones are an essential part of big data collection for, which watches for radical changes in behavior to detect the state of a user's mental health.

Launching soon, the cloud-based Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform aims to be integral to the decision making processes in clinical care by bridging the gap between data from patients and medical professionals. By providing analysis and easy access to insights, big data will only become better at the maintenance of good health in the future.