Your Health Coach Gives You Catered Instruction via Video Chat

 - Dec 2, 2014
References: vida & springwise
This health coach app caters to your specific learning style by letting you choose between gentle encouragers and bum-busting drill sergeants. The Vida app connects people to fitness trainers via one-on-one live video chat, giving you a more personal experience.

Formulated by medical professionals, the available health programs you can choose from on Vida are dedicated to things like dealing with specific health problems, losing weight, managing stress or simply getting fit. There are also six possible health coach personalities, such as analyzer, challenger, cheerleader, drill sergeant, innovator and listener.

Your algorithm-determined coach can contact you through text, phone or video chats whenever. The Vida app also acts as a fitness tracker by monitoring progress. All of this is possible for only $15 a week.