From Gamified Music Festival Platforms to Lifestyle Fashion Apps

 - May 13, 2015
These branded app innovations range from gamified music festival platforms to fashionable apps with a lifestyle twist. A standout from the fashion world is Tory Daily, Tory Burch's Android and iOS platform that shares culture, music and travel tips in addition to its daily sources of style inspiration. This branded app also features custom photo filters, much like the Coachella Stage app -- a music festival platform that offers branded image editing options for concert goers -- that launched earlier this year.

In addition to celebrating a brand's lifestyle vision and enticing mobile users with artistic photo features, these branded apps also use virtual reality software to imagine the perfect manicure hue or makeup look. Other examples include mobile payment and pre-ordering apps that make one's morning coffee routine more convenient and personal training platforms that encourage one to be fit wherever they are.