From Blossoming Emoji Gardens to Luxury Car-Sharing Platforms

 - Nov 18, 2015
In a time of pervasive digital presence from brands and consumers alike, there are plenty of examples of digital communities that highlight them as a tool for brand's to cultivate communities around online.

When brand fans connect online, consumers are empowered to cultivate a deeper community around the products and services in question. Popular examples of such branded communities include Nike's global Run Club and Audi's car-sharing program in Sweden, which connects individuals interested in co-owning a vehicle with someone who lives nearby.

These digital communities can help consumers understand a product or service and its potential role in the individual's daily life. A great example of this executed efficiently is the McCain #MODIFRY campaign, which connects customers on its blog by encouraging them to contribute the ways in which they integrate McCain's frozen fries with fresh ingredients at home.