The Embrace Smartwatch Also Measures Stress, Activity and Sleep

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: empatica & gizmag
The Embrace smartwatch is a piece of wearable medical technology that can help predict epileptic seizures and measure stress, activity levels and sleep. While the device is designed to improve the lives of people who suffer from epilepsy and the debilitating seizures associated with the condition, it is designed to look stylish and not like a typical diagnostic implement.

The device predicts seizures via an assortment of sensors that measure skin conductance, movement and activity. The sensors and algorithms were developed at the MIT Media Lab.

The Embrace smartwatches can be paired such that family and caregivers can wear a companion Embrace and receive alerts when the patient requires assistance.

The smartwatch will come with a companion smartphone app that can be used to track stress, sleep quality and physical activity. The Embrace can be programmed to vibrate gently when your stress levels rise, allowing you to take remedial action before things get out of control.