'Night Shift' Prevents Sleep Apnea Patients from Sleeping on Their Backs

 - May 13, 2014
References: advancedbrainmonitoring & gizmag
Night Shift is a device designed to alleviate sleep apnea, a disorder that interrupts breathing during sleep. The condition is most commonly treated using facial masks that blow pressurized air through the nose during the night. However, this treatment is obviously uncomfortable and doesn't work for everyone.

The Night Shift device is worn on the back of the neck, and is designed to prompt wearers to sleep on their stomachs. This is important because sleeping on the back makes sleep apnea worse for 70% of patients. The device emits gentle vibrations when wearers sleep on their backs.

Additionally, Night Shift can also monitor wearers' sleep quality, sleep positions and snoring activity. The device collects data which can be viewed and managed via the Night Shift online portal, which users can use to generate reports.