From Symptom-Curing Medical Implants to Diabetes Education Apps

 - Jun 22, 2015
These diabetic treatment examples range from symptom-curing medical implants to connected insulin pumps that make the lives of sufferers easier. Those suffering with diabetes are no stranger to daily insulin injections and the process of closely monitoring their glucose levels.

Thanks to revolutionary research by medical innovators, products like these are changing the way diabetic treatments are conducted by both doctors and patients. Whether receiving monthly hospital treatments or self-administering insulin injections, patients' lives are slowly improving thanks to modern technology.

In addition to implants that replace a year's worth of insulin injections, other treatments on the market include a two-in-one insulin pump and glucose monitor hybrid that is connected to one's phone. Other sophisticated devices include a stick on blood sugar monitor that can be easily concealed under one's clothing and fitness wearables that track health levels while reminding users of medication schedules and doctor visits.